Great Kitchens, Inc.     Phone: (815) 306-7171

  • Great Pizzas come from Great Kitchens

    Great Kitchens, Inc. is the largest manufacturer of Take & Bake pizzas and one of the leading pizza manufacturers in North America.

    Great Kitchens serves regional and national grocery chains, wholesale clubs, convenience stores, and foodservice channels with premium quality pizzas and sandwiches.

    We partner with our customers to develop signature recipes and restaurant-quality pizzas.

  • Vision

    To be recognized as an industry leader in innovative food solutions by partnering with our customers, suppliers and employees, and having a passion for quality.

  • Innovation

    Delivering on our motto, we strive to provide each customer with truly innovative food solutions. Leveraging the latest culinary trends and research, we offer customers fresh ideas on a continuous basis — and have the skills and resources to turn ideas into reality.

  • Quality

    From our dedicated team to the products we produce every day, quality is at the heart of all we do. We source from best-in-class suppliers to ensure the most consistent and best tasting products possible.

  • Creating Opportunities

    We partner with our customers to capitalize on the growing consumer demand for unique, convenient, restaurant-quality foods, while reducing the costs associated with in-house or commissary food production.

    Thanks to a dedicated product development team with extensive industry experience and flexible production capabilities, we can identify marketplace opportunities and act on them quickly.

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